For Executives

How We Help

Why do some organizations succeed while others fail?

At New Actions we believe that business performance improves or deteriorates in response to changes in any of the following three areas:

  1. Market and Financial Conditions,
  2. Technological Innovation, and
  3. Leadership, Management, and Organizational Practices

Sustainable profitability and growth depend in large measure on how fast executives innovate and adapt to emerging market and financial conditions. Yet the third area – leadership, management and organizational practices – is unfortunately often overlooked.
Of the three areas, it’s the one least dependent on external conditions and consequently most available for leveraging business performance. Weaknesses and deficiencies in this third area show up in the hard metrics that determine whether a business thrives or dies.

How We Help

We are specialists in this third area. We are experts in how people lead, strategize, change, and work together – in the real world. When they’re stuck, we help them bridge the gaps between knowing that something needs to be done, discovering what that something is, and actually doing it. We care about results.
Whether we’re acting as consultants, facilitators or coaches, our overarching goal is to provide our clients with the tools and awareness they need to:

  1. Lead with authority, intelligence and compassion,
  2. Create and work in dynamic high-performing teams,
  3. Discover fresh solutions to old problems and dilemmas,
  4. Set and successfully implement strategy across all levels,
  5. Resolve conflicts and minimize burdensome corporate politics,
  6. Overcome obstacles to personal effectiveness, and
  7. Seize opportunities for future growth and productivity.

Where We Start

We believe metrics like EBITDA, cash flow, market share, time to market, and tangible assets are indispensable measures of an organization’s performance. They’re good indicators of the relative health of a business, but they often tell only part of the story. What happens when those numbers decline? We can’t always pinpoint the problems, connect the dots, and take corrective actions.
If we were doctors – rather than consultants, coaches, and facilitators – we would say that deteriorating performance in those metrics is often the symptom rather than the cause of what is going wrong. At New Actions we look beyond symptoms to discover underlying causes.
In discovering those causes, we provide a complementary way of looking at businesses. We believe the long-term health of a business depends in large part on the quality of the conversations and relationships going on within it (and between it and people on the outside such as vendors, accounts, and investors). Those conversations are the backbone of a business’ leadership, strategic, management, and organizational practices. Performance suffers when critical conversations are missing, ineffective, or incomplete. Teamwork and morale deteriorate when working relationships are neglected or contentious. Better conversations and relationships lead to better results.

Simple Goals

New Actions services are based on the principle that successful business changes must be supported by changes at individual and team levels as well. Though our projects may be organization-wide in scope, implementation still begins with the individual and team. Our goal in every project is to facilitate positive changes in individual, group, and organizational behavior that translate into measurable and sustainable improvements in business performance.

"The undertakings of a new action brings new strength."

Evenius (42 BC-13AD)
Roman Philosopher