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New Actions clients include executives, teams, and business units of domestic and international organizations in the following industries:

  • High tech
  • Biotech
  • Internet
  • Pharmaceuticals and food supplements
  • Financial
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Entertainment and media
  • Oil and other natural resources
  • Real estate development and management
  • Governmental organizations and agencies
  • Non-profits and NGO’s

They are located throughout North America (with the greatest concentration in California) and range in size from small local businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


“You [Andrew] provided me with concrete suggestions of ways to look at or move forward on issues where I felt “stuck”. Your questions challenged me to think about assumptions that I had made, which had kept me locked in certain patterns and viewpoints. The answers I found helped me to make some needed shifts, which have allowed me to bring a calmer, more centered and grounded approach to my work. I still have the Post-It I wrote from one of our sessions prominently placed on my computer monitor to remind me every day where to place my priorities. Thank you very much for the time, the coaching conversations, and the calm presence you have.”

“Our executive team retreat was more productive than any of us imagined it could be. Andrew’s interviews and assessments of our team members gave us a clear picture of who we are as individuals and how we work together. He pinpointed where there were disconnects and breakdowns in our communications, and showed us how that was undercutting our team performance. It was a lot of fun learning and practicing the communication skills Andrew introduced. And as he promised, there were no trust-falls and ropes courses – just a lot of excellent conversations that continue to make a huge difference in our division’s results.”

“Andrew was a trusted advisor and constant support in turning around a chronically underperforming business unit I was managing. With his help, we cut time to market by more than 50%. This led to a promotion and relocation that presented me with a host of new problems. My new business unit was a very different place with a completely different culture from the one I left. I had double the number of direct reports and half my resources were shared with yet another business unit. What had worked so well in the past wasn’t working for me in my new position as the head of a highly matrixed organization. Andrew’s coaching helped me to broaden my repertoire of leadership and management skills, and to find the right ones for my new position.”

“Frictions between members of our Sales, Finance, and Marketing divisions had become a major problem and we had lost some key managers as a result. Andrew helped me understand how I was inadvertently contributing to these tensions. His coaching helped me become more comfortable and skilled at dealing with conflict – especially conflict within our C-Suite. Tensions have lessened as I’ve become a more active and assertive CEO. The division heads that have been coached by Andrew have shown noticeable changes in their attitudes and behavior towards each other. I finally have he sense that we’re all rowing in the same direction and supporting one another.”

“Andrew helped us make the transition from a small, entrepreneurial family business to a better organized and professionally managed one. The succession and leadership develop plan he created has been the blueprint for our continuing growth and profitability.”

References from clients are available upon request.

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Andrew Elowitt is a well-respected speaker and author. His expertise ranges from management and team development to strategic planning and conflict competence and beyond.