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New Actions clients own, lead, and work at professional firms from the following disciplines (in order of how frequently we work with each profession):

  • Lawyers (in firms, corporate legal departments, and government agencies)
  • Accountants
  • Financial consultants & services
  • Real estate management, finance, and services
  • Investment bankers
  • Architects
  • Management Consultants & Coaches

They are located throughout Europe, Asia, and North America (with the greatest concentration in California) and range in size from small local practices to international law firms with over 1,000 attorneys and 15 offices worldwide.

Many of their firms have been repeatedly recognized as “Best Places to Work” by Fortune and the Los Angeles Business Journal, and “Best of the Best Managed Firms in the USA” by Inside Public Accounting. Several are on American Lawyer’s list of the 100 and 200 most successful law firms in America. On an individual basis, many of them have been recognized as Super Lawyers and Rising Stars.


“Andrew is a consultant who gets the business side of lawyering! He understands the pressures and demands lawyers face, and he gives advice that’s clear and practical. He knew I felt I didn’t have the time to be a full-time managing partner, so he helped me figure out a way to lead my firm while not neglecting my clients. The firm is running better than ever and I now have a lot less stress.”

“We had been spinning our wheels for months before we called Andrew. In meeting after meeting we accomplished nothing – it usually felt like one step forward, two steps back. We [the firm’s shareholders] were getting more and more frustrated. Andrew talked with us individually and then facilitated a series of meetings. He started by helping us understand why our meetings had been so lousy, and then identified the two items we needed to resolve before we could begin making progress on our larger issues. I appreciated his calm yet forceful manner when the meetings got contentious, and his gentle persistence kept us from constantly going off onto tangents. We ended up reaching consensus on several key issues that had long been obstacles to our growth.”

“I was skeptical about coaching before I worked with Andrew. He demystified the process and helped me come up with a plan for growing my practice that actually worked. He really helped me stay on track and figure out what was most important. Within months I was getting more done, making progress on my goals, and enjoying accounting again.”

Some New Actions clients’ success stories have even made it into the papers. For a description of how New Actions helped one law firm after tragedy struck, please click here.

References from clients are available upon request.


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