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Andrew Elowitt is frequently invited to present programs by state and local bar associations as well private and public entities. The following are some of his recent speeches.

It’s Not Magic – It’s Persuasion: Getting Buy-in for Your Ideas

Legal Marketing Association – Los Angeles Chapter – August 2013
“Many good marketing and business development ideas languish because there is insufficient support for them. Convincing lawyers may be difficult, but it is certainly not impossible when you better understand their mindset and interests. Learn the keys to influencing people in your firm and building the relationships you need for buy-in and implementation.”

Lawyers Leading Lawyers

California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2011
“The skills that made you a great lawyer aren’t the same ones you need for being an effective law firm leader and manager. Learn what else is needed to persuade, influence, and get buy-in from other intelligent, independent, tough-minded law firm professionals.”

Up & Out: Succession Planning for Lawyers

California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2011
“Be Prepared” is a great motto for lawyers as well as Boy Scouts, yet most firms lack a succession plan. Learn the logistics, economics, and ethics of succession planning, as well as the best ways to handle the difficult conversations, decisions, and dynamics that are part of the planning process.

Burnout! A Lawyer’s Survival Guide

California State Bar Solo & Small Firm Summit – June 2011
California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2010

“Lawyering is widely recognized as one of the most demanding professions. Insight from recent behavioral and neuroscience studies will help you understand the role chronic unrelieved stress plays in substance abuse and mental illness. A proactive strategy for dealing with stress can help you avoid burnout and these serious problems.”

A Lawyer’s Guide to Using Professional Coaches

California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2010
“Lawyers are increasingly turning to professional coaches to help them improve their practice and management skills. Being informed and prepared can help you get the most out of your investment in coaching. Learn how to avoid the 10 most common mistakes lawyers make when selecting and working with a coach.”

Strategic Skills Solos Need for Tough Times

California State Bar Solo & Small Firm Summit – January 2010
“Rainmaking programs can be helpful, but solos also need something else to enhance these valuable tools – a strategic plan for growing their practice. This program will help you determine which strategies, marketing tools, and corresponding people skills are right for you.”

A New Approach to Law Firm Business Plans

California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2008
“Creating business plans for law firms is simpler than most attorneys realize. Discover a new and practical alternative to those traditional approaches that all to often end up generating clichéd mission statements, confusing spreadsheets, and unattainable goals.
(Similar programs presented at Los Angeles County Bar Association SoloCon – June 2010, Burbank Bar Association – July 2008, Chapman University School of Law – January 2010, Orange County Bar Association – February 2008, and California State Bar Section Education Institute – January 2008.)

Tough Talk: How to Master Six Client Conversations that Make or Break a Law Practice

California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2008
“Learn how to communicate effectively and ethically with your clients about tough issues such as disputed fees, potential malpractice claims, unfavorable case developments, and terminating the attorney-client relationship. Avoid the communications mistakes that have derailed so many law practices.”

Real World Decision Making for Lawyers

California State Bar Annual Meeting – October 2007
“Lawyers rarely have the luxury of unlimited time and information in analyzing options and making decisions. Learn how to make excellent decisions when faced with tough choices, short timeframes, and either too little, too much, or inconsistent information.”

Emotionally Intelligent Attorney is Not an Oxymoron

California State Bar Section Education Institute – January 2007
Lawyer jokes aside, the successful practice of law requires a high degree of emotional intelligence (EI) both on a daily basis and while navigating the various stages of career development. See how EI contributes to effectiveness, profitability, and satisfaction.
(Similar programs presented at California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2007, and Beverly Hills Bar Association – October 2007.)

Decision Making Skills

City of Burbank Leadership Forum – November 2006
“The way we actually make decisions differs greatly from the stereotype of a detached, analytical, and wholly rational decider. Learn how to deal with short timeframes and excessive, incomplete, or inconsistent information. Appreciate the value of emotion and intuition in the decision making process, and when and how to incorporate them. Practice the best methods for making and implementing decisions as a group or team.”

The Many Faces of Law Firm Leadership

California State Bar Annual Meeting – October 2006
Whether you’re leading a law firm, practice group, or project team, you face challenges that most CEO’s have never dreamed of. Discover the unique skills and styles of effective leadership in the legal arena. Learn how to keep your practice running smoothly, encourage growth among partners and associates, serve clients, and take care of yourself too.

Lawyer as Mentor, Lawyer as Coach

California State Bar Annual Meeting – October 2006
“Mentoring and coaching are excellent ways for lawyers to lead and develop the members of their firms. When fully utilized, these practices raise productivity, boost retention, and build economic value. Whether you’re aspiring to be a mentor or looking for a coach, this program will give you the basics to get started.”

Older Presentations

  • Improve Your Communications IQ
    California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2005
  • Mastering the Virtual Meeting
    California State Bar Annual Meeting – September 2005
  • Best Practices in Employee Feedback
    Los Angeles County Bar Association – March 2005

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