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Andrew Elowitt is a prolific writer. His topics range from leadership, emotional intelligence, and law firm management. The following is a list of some of his published works. For a complimentary copy of any of the articles list below, please contact us.


Lawyers as Managers: How to Be a Champion for Your Firm and Employees. American Bar Association Law Practice Division. August 2017

Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for the Solo & Small Firm Lawyer. 5th Edition. American Bar Association. May 2014. (Author of Chapter 4: Coaching 101 for Lawyers.)

The Lawyer’s Guide to Professional Coaching:  Leadership, Mentoring & Success. American Bar Association. April 2012. Click here to learn more.

The California Guide to Opening and Managing a Law Office. The State Bar of California. September 2008. (Editorial board member and author or the Introduction and Chapter 3: Creating a Business Plan.)

The California Guide to Growing and Managing a Law Office. The State Bar of California.December 2012. (Editorial board member and author of the Introduction and articles on:  “Creating a Strategic Plan for Growth,” “The Need for Both Management and Leadership,” “Delegation – Using Others to Get More Done,”  “Avoiding the Traps of Micromanaging and Perfectionism,” “Giving Feedback,” “Using Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence When Managing a Law Firm,” and “Creating a Firm Culture of Trust and Accountability.”  Coauthor of articles on “Managing a Law Firm” and “Dealing with Stress and Preventing Burnout.”)


Leading and Developing Your Firm’s A Players. Law Practice Magazine. November/December 2019

Is Managing Lawyers Like Herding Cats? Law Practice Magazine. May/June 2018.  Winner of the 2018 Robert P. Wilkins Award for Best Law Practice Feature Article.

Best of ABA Sections: Embracing the Champion Manager Mindset. GPSolo July/August 2017

Embracing the Champion Manager Mindset. Law Practice Magazine. May/June 2017

Rainmakers: Born or Created? Law Practice Magazine. November 2014

Creative Lawyer is Not an Oxymoron (Why Johnny Esq. Can’t Innovate). The Bottom Line. June 2014

Coaching: The Cornerstone of Professional Development. Law Practice Magazine. September 2012

Tough Talk: Six Conversations that Can Make or Break a Law Practice. The Bottom Line. September 2008

A New Approach to Solo & Small Firm Business Plans. OC Lawyer. July 2008

Emotional Intelligence & Lawyering. The Bottom Line. June 2007

Does Multitasking Work? The Bottom Line. April 2006

The Secret to Managing Stress. The Bottom Line. August 2006

The Myth of the Solo Practitioner. The Bottom Line. February 2006

Best Practices: Teleconferences. The Bottom Line. October 2005

End of Engagement Interviews. County Bar Update. December 2005

Getting the Most Out of Employee Feedback. County Bar Update. August 2005

Best Practices: Employee Feedback. The Bottom Line. August 2005

The Marketing Mindset: Unlocking Your Marketing Potential. The Bottom Line. June 2005

Effective Telephone Conferences. County Bar Update. August 2004

For a complimentary copy of any of these articles, please click here.


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Andrew Elowitt is a well-respected speaker and author. His expertise ranges from management and team development to strategic planning and conflict competence and beyond.