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At one time or another, all businesses experience growing pains, dissension, under-performance, or an uncertain future. Though these challenges may be obvious, the answers seldom are. Even when answers are known, finding solutions and putting plans into action can be difficult.

We know that poor implementation can derail the best thought-out plans, and weak leadership and collaboration can undercut the best solutions. We help our clients remove these obstacles to higher performance and profitability.

We are experts in how business people lead, strategize, change, and work together. We understand how small improvements in those activities end up making large contributions to a company’s bottom line. We know what it takes to get results in the real world.

Our consulting advice is always practical, our coaching always personal, and our facilitation always tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

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Andrew Elowitt is a well-respected speaker and author. His expertise ranges from management and team development to strategic planning and conflict competence and beyond.